Who We Are

We are two women who decided we wanted to focus on our love and passion for animals.  Victoria is a life long dog trainer, who has shown in both conformation and obedience with several different breeds.  Amy Lu is a Pro Rodeo participate and owner of dogs. 


Our vision for the store was to have a place where you can come and relax with your pet.  Have a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate and chat with like minded people.   Unfortunately we opened 25 days before the COVID 19 Pandemic hit.  We effortlessly tried to keep the doors open for all of our furry friends to have a place to come but after two years and people not frequenting the shop we had to make a shift and pivot with the space that we have a lease on.  We are still offering products online, photography and private classes but the shop space will be converted to a micro venue, coworking space to help pay the rent.  

We were honored and privileged to have had the love and support from so many of you on this adventure.  Thank you.  

If you need a space for an event, please visit