We are two women who decided we wanted to focus on our love and passion for animals.  Victoria is a life long dog trainer, who has shown in both conformation and obedience with several different breeds.  Amy Lu is a Pro Rodeo participate and owner of dogs. 

Our vision for the store was to have a place where you can come and relax with your pet.  Have a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate and chat with like minded people.  The fun part is you can shop too.  We will offer Dog Swag, People Swag, Home Decor and Royal Canin dog and cat food.  

The other difference with our store is we will offer dog training class and we will host social events where your beloved friend is welcome.  

Our Paw Lu Dog Swag will be available in the store.  Paw Lu is a vision that came from Amy.  Amy decided to create adorable outfits for dogs.  These outfits made our babies stand out.  This is where we decided our "Street is our Runway".   We created a business name.  PAW for the dogs and LU to honor Amy's designs and vision to create beautiful outfits.  Paw Lu Dog Swag is able to offer you outfits, bandannas, vests, collars and leads for your dog to stand out too. 

We are so excited to be able to share this venture with you.



333 1st Avenue, Unit 3
Longmont, Colorado 80501

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